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What better way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd than to wear your thoughts, feelings, and dreams for the entire world to see?


Exactly to that end our purpose is to bring our customers’ passions to life by helping them express themselves and connect with others through unique designs and products.


All the clothing at Butaclothing.com is designed in the USA, from premium fabrics, and every item is available in multiple colors! 

We put a lot of love into everything we make, and we know it’s the highest quality out there.

We are not just another online discount clothing store acting as a middleman, we only sell clothing that you will be proud to wear.

When you purchase clothing from us, it is made from a pattern that Vugar the owner of Butaclothing has spent 10+ years honing in and making sure it will not just look great on stage but will fit you in just that special way a piece of clothing should.

Hilarious, philosophic, political, patriotic – no matter what kind of statement you are interested in making and no matter what mood you are in today, let Buta Clothing speak for you. Our unique and creative selection of original T-shirts makes sure every single one of our fans throughout the world can wear exactly what they think, feel,and dream.